The America Trunk Comes Home

(This was original from my old blog, Fall 2012) Greetings! I recently read Round-Trip to America: The Immigrates return to Europe 1880-1930. by Mark Wyman. His book is about the percentage of European immigrants who came to the United States to work, build a savings and return to their land of origin in order to achieve their … Continue reading The America Trunk Comes Home


Ghosts, Museums and Spiritual residue

(This was originally from my old blog, written in 2012) I am very excited about this. Ghosts and talk of them make me very uncomfortable and so do dead bodies, but within the confines of history I find it very interesting. On page 86 in Handler and Gable’s controversial 1997 book New History in an Old … Continue reading Ghosts, Museums and Spiritual residue


Souvenirs I recently joined Twitter and have been following the Smithsonian’s various twitter accounts; they post fun facts, museum news, and parts of their object collection. One collection in particular engaged me- the historical souvenirs. Now they were not the type of historical souvenirs seen in museum stores or in Marling’s George Washington Slept Here, but … Continue reading Souvenirs