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Hatpin Stabbings

Today while reading through David Glassberg's The Presence of the Past, I was distracted by his mention of a woman stabbing someone with a hatpin in a San Francisco crowd. ( I have never heard such a thing!) This inspired me to google "hatpin stabbing," which was remarkably fruitful. So I tweeted the Smithsonian (because we… Continue reading Hatpin Stabbings

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Wikipedia as a Course Textbook

I recently categorized all my past posts and discovered that I do not talk about museums  much during the school year. That is simply due to the fact that I don't get out to museums or historical sites during the school year.  However, I am planning on going to the OAH this spring and will… Continue reading Wikipedia as a Course Textbook

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Facing the Past Head-on

(Feminism AND Public History? Hey-OH!) As a woman who grew up during the 1990’s Girl Power pop-movement and is now in the process of earning a PhD, who lives unmarried with her boyfriend, and believes in universal human equality it is no surprise that I am a feminist. Being a feminist, I read feminist blogs… Continue reading Facing the Past Head-on