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“Yes, Vincent, There is a House Museum That Works”[1]

            I recently read Vincent L. Michaels’ article “The Problem of the House Museum.”[2] Michaels identifies the problem as the concept of the house museum itself. He argues that the house museum "model" never worked. His argument is a sharp turn away from previous assessments of house museums, like Ruth… Continue reading “Yes, Vincent, There is a House Museum That Works”[1]

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Dark Tourism: No thanks.

After about a year of people asking me if my research was “Dark Tourism,” or asserting that it was (“OH, Like Dark Tourism?!”) I decided to read all the articles about “Dark Tourism” I could get my hands on. Having done that, I conclude that what I do is not “Dark Tourism,” and that I… Continue reading Dark Tourism: No thanks.

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Digital Humanities and William Byrd

Digital humanities are hard to miss (if you don't know what I'm talking about then shame on you!) At the moment USF has a number of Digital Humanities groups and initiatives: Tampa/USF Digital Humanities Group, the History department offers a 400 level course called "Introduction to Digital Humanities" and I believe the library is creating a… Continue reading Digital Humanities and William Byrd

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The Library of Congress & I (& also ghosts): A Torrid Love Affair

This spring break I decided to temporarily put down Virginia folktales (provided by my past love—The WPA) and give some attention to the Library of Congress’s digital newspaper collections (I am going to make this very obvious, the federal government does great things for my education, WPA, the LOC, the grants and loans I got… Continue reading The Library of Congress & I (& also ghosts): A Torrid Love Affair