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Museum Appreciation & Hoarding Confederate Monuments.

Museum Appreciation I’ve been following the discussion on Confederate statues all across the US this summer, like a "Dead-head" for inadvertent on-line discussions on public history ( I've seen them play "Stop trying to erase history!" like 100 times). The comments on various local and national news reports illustrate Americans' diverse understand the situation, the Civil… Continue reading Museum Appreciation & Hoarding Confederate Monuments.

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Public History Programs on the Culinary School Model

I just saw this in my Facebook newsfeed http://publichistorycommons.org/culinary-school-model-for-public-history/ The article suggests that Public History MA programs might benefit from using a "culinary school model" meaning students would need past experience in Public History before they entered the program. The author, Trevor Jones, points out that required previous experience would give students an idea of… Continue reading Public History Programs on the Culinary School Model