Museum Appreciation & Hoarding Confederate Monuments.

Museum Appreciation I’ve been following the discussion on Confederate statues all across the US this summer, like a "Dead-head" for inadvertent on-line discussions on public history ( I've seen them play "Stop trying to erase history!" like 100 times). The comments on various local and national news reports illustrate Americans' diverse understand the situation, the Civil … Continue reading Museum Appreciation & Hoarding Confederate Monuments.


A Love Letter to Tampa Theater

  Nate, Frank (our dachshund), and I are leaving Tampa soon, and in preparation we are trying to do a very slow farewell tour of the places we’ll miss the most. This past weekend my sister-in-law and her family came to visit us and we all caught a tour at the Tampa Theater.[1] I’ve enjoyed … Continue reading A Love Letter to Tampa Theater

“Yes, Vincent, There is a House Museum That Works”[1]

            I recently read Vincent L. Michaels’ article “The Problem of the House Museum.”[2] Michaels identifies the problem as the concept of the house museum itself. He argues that the house museum "model" never worked. His argument is a sharp turn away from previous assessments of house museums, like Ruth … Continue reading “Yes, Vincent, There is a House Museum That Works”[1]

Interactive History at the Museum of History and Industry (Seattle,WA)

This past week I had the pleasure of exploring Seattle while attending the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) conference. I was staying with friend who studies museology at U. Washington, obviously the two of us visited the city’s wonderful museums. The thing that struck me and has stuck with me since I left was the … Continue reading Interactive History at the Museum of History and Industry (Seattle,WA)

How to Reinvigorate House Museums

This week I came across a Boston Globe article that reiterated the question , "Are there too many house Museums." The article argues that museums (the traditional "stuff and exhibit space" museums) are experiencing new found popularity and are stepping-up their game with new exhibits, wings and architectural wonders. House museums, on the other hand, … Continue reading How to Reinvigorate House Museums