Wikipedia as a Course Textbook

I recently categorized all my past posts and discovered that I do not talk about museums  much during the school year. That is simply due to the fact that I don't get out to museums or historical sites during the school year.  However, I am planning on going to the OAH this spring and will … Continue reading Wikipedia as a Course Textbook


Wikipedia in the Classroom

As a graduate assistant ( I am rounding out my 7th full year taking university classes, wooh!) I have heard nearly all my professors deride wikipedia. Usually on the first day of classes professors remind students to read their books and articles and ignore wikipedia, to use real primary sources and secondary sources from university … Continue reading Wikipedia in the Classroom

The Civil War Sesquicentennial and the Civil Rights Movement

This semester I am helping my Prof with his senior level undergraduate Public History class. I have no grading responsibilities I am just putting together the Wikipedia page the students are creating and sitting in on the class discussions. (Great class I throughly enjoy it) The student's are making a Wikipedia page on the Civil … Continue reading The Civil War Sesquicentennial and the Civil Rights Movement